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My self-summary

I like anime, BDSM, cyberpunk, enthusiastic consent, free software, polyamory, queerfeminism, Taylor Swift songs and Woodrocket movies.

If you think a combination of traveling, drinking vino, no ONS and btw, I use arch is a personality, we might not get along very well.

float gender; My personal pronoun is ey. My MBTI test result said SLUT.

I am easily bored by most people – but “shy” does not imply “boring”. Intellect paired with a creative / mischievous streak is a huge turn-on for me. I try to only touch people I like. If you want to touch, ask for consent.

Years ago, I wanted to fall recklessly in love with a stranger – or failing that, at least meet lots of interesting people. When falling in love actually happened, much of it was nice … but I learned that breakups often make me sad and the sadness does not go away ever.

I have attention deficit disorder (ADD) and take medication to stay awake and to be able to concentrate for more than 20 minutes. This means I have to take a pill every four hours. I also have to take blood pressure medication every morning since a traumatic event.

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What I'm doing with my life

I moved to Berlin in 2008 to study philosophy and computer science. I blogged, did a podcast, contributed to free software games, wrote a book about internet memes, implemented a build system and a bot that uploaded many videos to Wikimedia Commons. I also really got around when looking for a permanent space to live.

I work from home, doing computer stuff. In my free time I am trying to malefail myself.

TL;DR: Whenever I feel lonely I cuddle my favourite thinkpad charger.

I'm really good at

The first things people usually notice about me

I do not want to be touched by people without my explicit verbal consent and can be very vocal about it. Even if I find someone attractive and/or like being touched, I will point this out.

I am late. Probably unshaved. A guy once told me I ask questions like a cop. When I interact with a new computer program, I usually try to figure out ways to break it with unanticipated inputs.

When I do not take my medication, I may appear confused or anxious.

A former friend said I talk like people on LSD do when I am sober. Since having been a tripsitter, I do understand what she meant. My creativity has greatly diminished since I have a day job.

I like to make myself available to people I find attractive in both sexual and non-sexual ways. I like to listen, prepare food for others and do household tasks without getting something in return if I am in an appropriate mood. I do not get similar satisfaction from self-care.

Apparently I can say “no” in a really provocative way. This has lead to people yelling at me – most often right after me not wanting to talk or have sex with them. Once a woman claimed that not wanting to have sex with her but wanting to have sex with others was like eating a burger in front of someone who is starving.

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Stand Still, Stay Silent (Logo)

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The most private thing I'm willing to admit

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You should message me if

You deem yourself intelligent, creative, mischievous and interested in all aspects of the world, acting on an overwhelming urge to take it apart. If you want to have a kinky, safe, intimate sexual experience with a person able to spell “consent”. If you are looking for someone to talk to and eat and drink with and play board or card games.

If you message me, be direct. Tell me what you find interesting about me and what you are looking for – especially if you are looking for a hookup! If you just write “Hi!” and have a lot of generic profile text (“I can't describe myself, just ask me.” / “You should message me if … you want to.”), I will most likely ignore you – even if your profile includes nice (even hot) pictures. The less your message looks like some kind of copy-paste drivel, the more likely I am to respond.

If you message me looking for casual sex, note that while I self-identify as an ethical slut, I prefer getting to know people a bit beforehand – I only want to have sex with people I can be friends with. That said, I certainly do kiss, cuddle and fuck on the first date if mood, attitude, personality and body odor fit. I take safer sex seriously and usually have condoms, dental dams and latex gloves with me in case sex happens. I enjoy using vibrators on people even when I am not particularly aroused.

If you message me because you are looking for new friends or activity partners, please tell me if you play or would like to play Consentacle or Magic: The Gathering.

If you message me because we are both looking for a short- or long-term relationship, note that I cannot guarantee that outcome. Many of my long-term relationships resulted from friendships that grew until they included sex and love. Most of my relationships were with non-monogamous sex-positive feminists.

Please absolutely refrain from messaging me if: